Waste Valorisation

It is well-known by now that what has traditionally been considered “waste” presents a greatly underutilized resource. Wastewater, for example, while unfit for human consumption or agricultural use, is rich in valuable nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates, just as electronic circuit boards contain significant quantities of valuable metals.

The successful valorisation of wastes will allow closing the loop in the circular economy, moving closer to a sustainable future. The complexity of this challenge demands an interdisciplinary approach to finding solutions; process engineers’ focus on the conversion of raw materials to high-value products places them firmly at the centre of this global initiative.

There are three main research thrusts in the Waste Valorisation group:
1. Waste tyre conversion to high-value chemicals
2. Electronic waste processing for metal recovery (lithium, gold, copper)
3. Biological waste utilization (e.g. wastewater, agricultural residues, fishery waste, etc.)

The researchers listed below all form part of the Waste Valorisation group. Follow the link to their individual profiles to find out more about their research interests and activities.


Mineral & Waste Processing

Extractive metallurgy, metal recycling & machine learning

Bioresources, waste valorisation, biorefineries & biomaterials

Dept. Chairman | Hydrometallurgy, metal recycling & process modelling

Biorefineries, Bio-feedstock valorisation & Water-energy-food nexus

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Biorefineries, techno-economics & bioprocessing

Process modelling & monitoring

Bioenergy & waste valorisation

Biofuels, bioreactors & waste beneficiation

Thermodynamics & separations at high & low pressures

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