Process Monitoring and Systems

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Modern-day industrial processes generate a wealth of measurements: signals carrying information on process variables such as reactor temperatures, pumped fluid pressures, product chemical content, and many more. In this ocean of data, valuable information resides which can be harnessed to maintain and improve the efficiency of processing systems. The Process Monitoring group’s research activities include the development of new process measurement systems (e.g. using image data to determine the efficiency of certain mineral processing units); research on novel methods with which to extract informative features from process data; and investigation into data-driven approaches for root cause analysis of abnormal behaviour on process plants. The Process Monitoring group aims to marry industry needs with cutting edge academic insight, with the Centre for Process Monitoring serving as a valuable connection in this endeavour. Techniques employed include image processing, statistical learning and process modelling, while research on soft sensor development is often supported by experimental investigation.

Research topics

  • Sensor requirements for process performance monitoring
  • Inferential and smart sensors
  • Performance metrics for production, process control, and process economics
  • Process fault detection and identification
  • Root cause analysis
  • Presentation of process performance


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