ChemEng Cup 2014

Sokker Foto

2014 saw the start of our postgrad soccer. Apart from good exercise, the Tuesday soccer sessions formed new friendships and strengthened old ones. The soccer cultured a team spirit amongst us which carried through to the inter-faculty activities.

We started off with a borrowed ball from Tope and borrowed cones from Vincent, Niel and the workshop. Prof Clarke then organised funding for our very own brand-new equipment. This transformed the soccer from an amateur afternoon ball-kick to a near professional event. 

The soccer was something exciting to look forward to every week. Thank you to everyone that attended and that made it the special weekly event that it was. 

Thank you to Prof Clarke for organising the funds; it was a good investment and we are grateful for it.

Thank you to Rj for our team photo.

The soccer will continue next year at our earliest convenience. To those that will be starting work next year: all of the best! Your presence on the field will be missed. 

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