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Oom Jannie retires from Process Engineering


Author:  Liesel Koch

Published : 31/03/2014

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Recording rapid reactions in real-time

Packing material

The ability to record fast reactions in real-time has the advantage of solving the mysteries of their governing rate equations more easily and accurately. The accuracy of these equations is vital in the separations technology field, since it directly influences the accuracy of our ability to determine the efficiency of distillation columns. Small improvements on distillation column efficiency relates to large savings in operating costs as well as decreasing the environmental impact of the process.

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Student life at the Department of Process Engineering

Chemical engineering – A journey to remember

In high school, I wanted to be so many things: a doctor, an engineer, a microbiologist, at one point even an environmental lawyer. I had little knowledge about all these fields but I knew that I loved maths, physics and chemistry. After a little research, I decided I wanted to be an engineer. Which kind, that I still had to figure out. I chose chemical engineering since it was the only engineering field that focused on chemistry. I soon found out there is so much more to chemical engineering than chemistry.

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